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Let's Transform India

August 15, 2022 will mark the completion of 75 years of Indian Independence and 150 years of Sri Aurobindo’s birth. As a part of this Sesquicentenary Celebration which was inaugurated on Aug 12, 2020, we are initiating a two year Mahayajnya (a conscious collective effort in line with the forces of evolution) towards that auspicious Day, wherein a revival of Indian thought and powerful creation in the following Decisive Action areas is aspired for:

Spirituality & Consciousness, Language & Literature, Politics & Governance, Art & Culture, Technology & Artisanship, Health & Wellness, Education & Research, Humanities & Liberal Arts, Dairy & Agriculture, Design & Architecture, Business & Economics and Maths & Pure Sciences!

Spirituality & Consciousness

Language & Literature

Politics & Governance

Art & Culture

Health & Wellness

Education & Research

Technology & Artisanship

Dairy & Agriculture

Design & Architecture

Business & Economics

Humanities & Liberal Arts

Maths & Pure Sciences